To do this, download Skype for Ubuntu to your home directory. I have a full desktop that I use for heavy work. Using the up and down arrows, highlight the second option and press ENTER to boot into recovery mode. August 7th, 2. Run these two commands to switch back to the Ubuntu theme, the first will prompt you to select the theme you want: In public Internet cafes such information is provided at the counter.

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If you enabled this by mistake or otherwise, it may be the cause of the problem. You should then see the GRUB menu. If you do not have Aircraft Manager installed but your battery will not charge, try booting to LiveUsb.

DellMini9 – Community Help Wiki

Sign up using Email and Password. Again, as an example, we are using the username “james”: That jogged mine back to functioning normally.

The GPU is the main issue for the fancier distros. Start a terminal window Type alsamixer Select Capture tab Right arrow to Dell mini 9 ubuntuup arrow until its at a reasonable level rightarrow to Input Sourceup arrow to select Front Mic Low Speaker Volume If you have low volume on the sound and microphone is working fine, double click on the speaker icons on the right hand top corner.


Dell mini 9 ubuntu up or log in Sign up using Google. This doesn’t happen on mimi updated 8.

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New to this and have a few questions Thanks for the replies guys. Increase the speaker volume.

We cannot help with 8. I’m pretty sure there’s no driver there already but I might be wrong.

Debian Linux on the Dell Mini 9

New to this and have a few questions Welcome Daniel, i’ve dell mini 9 ubuntu its specs: How to install a wireless driver on my dell mini 9 running ubuntu Dell mini 9 ubuntu others all jbuntu or have regular HDD’s. New to this and have a few questions You can get Lubuntu on Http: Update the kernel with apt-get or aptitude to get 2GB memory support. August 7th, 4.

If you have never installed Ubuntu, a page with general install instructions can be found at HowtoForge. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Sits on exactly the same kernel. Missing the tilde and backquote keys?

I think I can upgrade the ram to 2gb. As this Laptop was originally sold with Ubuntu 8.

The Debian forums have a topic with details. Unverified information Also see this thread on the Ubuntu Forums for more information. Dell mini 9 ubuntu official recovery image was available at Dell Support – apparently Dell has removed it as it included commercial codecs and LinDVD dell mini 9 ubuntu can’t be resditributed for free.

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New to this and have a few questions Ok question, if I decided to keep the current software I have is there a way to get Google Chrome installed? But you can play with it to see that ubuntu is a graphical distro, so its not so different than xp for example.

Using the up and down arrows, highlight the second option and press ENTER to boot into recovery mode. Create a new user Type in the following command to create the user and grant him administrator rights.

New to this and have a few questions Be aware that 8. If the brightness is set to a low level, it will periodically jump back up to brighter. August 7th, 2.